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The Importance of Using a
Broadcast Cover Letter

When you're job hunting, you don't just want to send your resume to people you know are looking for an employee. Not all jobs are being advertised. Quite often, the higher in management you go, the less a job is advertised. It's often a 'who you know' situation, or being in the right place at the right time. That doesn't mean you have to be standing in a corporate office when a job comes open, but if your resume is already there, it's speaking for you.

Since you won't know exactly what job may become open, the cover letter for this resume will have to be different than your regular resume cover letter. Instead, you want to craft a broadcast cover letter. A broadcast cover letter is a little more generic of a cover letter, but still needs to be convincing when the person looking to fill a position reads it.

Instead of knowing what job you want to fill, a broadcast cover letter will tell the reader the kinds of needs their company may have and how you are the perfect candidate to fill those needs.  You don't want to ramble on forever about all the problems they may need addressed, a rambling cover letter is going to bore the reader and end up in the trashcan.

Before you write a broadcast cover letter, research the company you want to be a part of. You need to be able to show the company that you know who they are, what they may need, and that you are a person who is in tune to them enough to help take care of those needs.

A final important detail to your broadcast letter is making your contact information easy to find and read.  You want to use at least a size 11 font, maybe larger, to make sure it's easy to read. Also make sure to add a submission date. If your resume is in an 'ongoing file' of resumes, they need to know how recently it was submitted so they can know the information inside is up to date.


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