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Networking With Executive Recruiters

While you may think your corporate know-how is what has executive recruiters coming to your door and looking to network with you, there is a lot more they look for in candidates for top-level positions.  There are plenty of executives out there. If you think of the number of companies in existence, each of them has a number of executive level personnel. That's not special enough to get the recruiters hunting you down.

Don't get me wrong, an accomplished corporate past is very important. That will be the first thing that often gets the recruiter's attention. They know your position, and you immediately become a candidate they want to know more about. But the key is staying in the game after that point.

Real Leaders – Plenty of people have been trained to be in control of a company, but it's the few who have natural leadership qualities that often are the cream of the crop. These leadership qualities shine through in and out of the boardroom, and recruiters are looking for them.

Appearance and Presentation – While it's nice to think we are in a world where everyone is free to express themselves in their appearance, in the corporate environment you are still judged by how you look. Recruiters are looking for candidates that are professional looking and hold themselves in a professional manner. A real leader never looks uncomfortable, can always be a part of a conversation and has charisma.

Positive Outlook – Whether looking for a job or not, an executive who is always badmouthing his current employer or employees is going to send the executive recruiters running. They are looking for a person who can see the positive in a situation and does not dwell on the negative aspects of things.

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